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In The Fields Of Quantum​-​Music

by Expanding Chaos

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Now we are here in this diner Who serve damned good cups of coffee Their pies is baked in heaven And they got nice employees There is some love in the air One man tells about two penguins And there's one loud voice talking We can all hear him, but he hears only one The coffee and food is consumed at last But love is still abundant in the air Her boyfriend watches the tender moment From a front three quarter view Below the Twin Peaks of the mountain In the great northern hotel Somewhere in the ghostwood forest Or among the owls in the caves Everywhere people is falling in love
Lazarus was a friend of Jesus He lived in Bethany with his sisters He was sick and soon he died Lazarus was dead and buried Then Jesus came and he said: I am the resurection, and the life He that beliveth in me Though he were dead, yet shall he live Awake now! Awake now! When Jesus saw the deceased he wept He entered the grave which was a cave Lazarus had been dead four days Imagine the smell from the corpse And Jesus cried with a loud voice Lazarus, come forth! And he that was dead came forth bound hand and foot with graveclothes Awake now! Awake now! Jesus said let loose him and let him go And Lazarus staggered into Bethany Braindamaged deranged and zombielike His body rotting away and falling apart I want to die! I want to die!
The trivial dog is walking down the lane His space suit is home in a closet He wishes he had a bone to chew But he forgets his wishes and yet he's happy The trivial dog left his master at home He plots for world dominion in his spare time Not the dog, for he is a peaceful one Who likes to run for fun and joy The trivial dog is a real rocker But he detests drugs and don't need them He sniffs on flowers, but don't like fungus He is the trivial dog, he is the trivial dog He is the trivial dog He is the trivial dog He is the trivial dog He is the trivial dog He is the trivial dog He is the trivial dog The trivial dog
A friend of Mary did die all at a sudden so she went to the funeral and she wept a lot because it was very sad and the organist played a strange gloomy piece she'd never heard of before. She felt a bit confused so she had to ask "May I kiss the bride at the funeral?" Noone ansvered with their mouths but everyone screamed "DIE!" with their eyes. That made her scared so she cried and everyone said "sorry" as the choir started the singing. She sang to but she didn't know the lyrics, so everyone listened to her newfound words instead of the old and boring ones. Then she and the others were supposed to say goodbye to a coffin "why?", she wondered "I came for my friend" she thought and opened the box and inspired by feelings she kissed the deceased said "thanks for the cookies" Then she hugged the priest and yelled "TAXI!" when she ran away.
She was all dressed up in black When we first met that night She was all cut up and red When I saw her in the moonlight She was smiling happily at me Her mouth was stitched shut She stared at me with bloodred eyes That had violently been cut Her arms were tied up above her Hanging from some rusty chains Her stomach pierced by hollow pipes Draining the blood of her veins Her intestines spread out below her And someone had broken her spine Her throat was cut off and chushed Oh, how I wish that she could be mine
October is walking on her own Her owner's been gone quite a while Will someone take care of her Or will she die alone October is hiding in autumn cloth She's hurt and afraid and she's cold Her spirits left her for another month All she want to do is to die October was happy and very nice But now she is crying out her pain There's noone there to help her home She'll probably just die and fade away
Now I'm burned by a hateful god The sun will punish me each day I came to close to nosferatus blood With pain and seizures I must pay And the sun will burn And blind my eyes And the sun will burn With fire from the skies I came back to this world too soon And walked the face of earth as dead The one in flames gave me his boon And what I now give to him is red I didn't touch the waitress, the police lied My sister Mary, hated her more than me The girl I met wore black when she died The vortex of Za'rachat is where she'll be The dawn is upon me The heat scorch my flesh I turn around quick And start to run
The Arrival 01:30
Another world is born Another world is torn Another world of flesh and blood Another world without a God Technologic, Electronic, Ultra magick, Sonic waves Life device, Mind advice, Sensor eyes, Lobotomize Technologic life device, Electronic mind advice Ultra magick sensor eyes, Sonic waves lobotomize Another world... Deranged opressors lie in unfathomed depths Below the breaking of light at the surface They sleep and wait for the dreamer to awake Slowly caressed by the waves of the oceans Another world... [more...]
Unplesant situation don't you think I am standing opposite to you now It's a fucking joke I tell you But a bloody serious one Sell me your belives, I feel like you This might be shit, but this is what we do Expanding chaos, thouch my brain To be creative you must be insane Reap me if you care
I can't get down on my knees anymore They are too sore from praying and begging I've drenched the whole place with gasoline Nothing is left when the fire consumes In my dreams the ribbonman sings for me A song of devastating truth and lie And in the middle of corrosion we see Talent is consumed... And we dance again
In the heads of us all there is a hatch with a sign that says Emergency Exit. It leads to a small, warm and soft room where we can be alone for a while. There we have no responsibilities or problems or something we have to do. There we can dream or just exist unfortenatly you cannot close the hatch after you.
Inventory 00:55


This is where we started out as a band. It's kind of a double album since the first half (1-9) has a different style than the second half (10-20). Our friends said this is more sound poetry than music. What do you think?

Some songs are covers and are unfortunately not available here on Bandcamp.


released July 15, 1997

Written and produced by Expanding Chaos, except track 4 written by Tori Amos, and track 11a written by Black Sabbath, and track 11b written by Bathory.

Engineering and mixing by by Anders Rudolfsson at Mixtrofobi Inspelningsplatå in Östersund, july 1997. Photo and design by Markus Widegren. Guest vocals on track 4 and whispering on track 7 by Anette Johnsson.


all rights reserved



Expanding Chaos Sweden

Noise, music & words from an expanding chaos. Formed 1996 in Östersund, Sweden, but now geographically unbound.

Members: Anders Rudolfsson & Markus Widegren.

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