Time To Leave

by Expanding Chaos

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released September 19, 2003

Written, performed & produced by Markus Widegren & Anders Rudolfsson. Recorded in Östersund, Sweden, january 2002 – july 2003. Engineered by Anders Rudolfsson. Xylophone solo on track 8 by Rikard Dahlgren. Voice on track 9 by Mika Ishihama-Högström.

All music & lyrics by Widegren/Rudolfsson, except track 8 music & lyrics by Widegren.

Copyright Expanding Chaos 2003.
All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Expanding Chaos Sweden

Noise, music & words from an expanding chaos. Formed 1996 in Östersund, Sweden, but now geographically unbound.

Members: Anders Rudolfsson & Markus Widegren.

Collaborators: Anette Johnsson, Ellinor Kall, Björn Rudolfsson, Tomas Öberg, Rikard Dahlgren.
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Track Name: Graveyard Union
I clearly heard the preachers prayer
for god to forgive me that day
but he didn't have mercy on my soul
he just left me to rot in this hole

so much for Jesus and his holy ghost
so I thought in hell Lucifer will be my host
but his little demons never came around
even that bastard left me in the ground

so bones take me into the night
let me dance on my grave just one more time
and please mr moon wont you sing me a song
and stars don't be shy sing along

every night I crawl out of my grave
to dance the moonlight serenade
when the bell strikes twelve I rise again
and the graveyard fills up with us who remain

there is no place for me in heaven or hell
there is no way to stop me now I will prevail
that is what you get for laughing in my face
for tonight I'll be dancing on your grave

so bones take me into the night
let me dance on my grave just one more time
and please mr moon wont you sing me a song
and stars don't be shy sing along
Track Name: Schlaf Sie Menschen
schlaf sie menschen, traum des lebens
sie müssen diese enfache tatsache kennen
das leben ist nichts aber phantasie
laufen sie so schnell, wie sie können

versuchen sie zu entgehen, aber erwarten sie nicht erfolg
helfen sie mir, das ist, was alle sie singen
ich kann nicht niemandem von ihnen helfen
sie sind auf ihren selbst

finden sie die korrekte frequenz und justieren sie innen
ich singe zu jedermann, jedermann das hört
die welt ist ein erweitern kaos, ein erweitern kaos
die welt ist ein erweitern kaos, ein erweitern kaos
Track Name: There Is No Lord
there is no Lord to take my hand
there is no Lord to salvage me
there is no Lord, there is no Lord to comfort me
there is no Lord to rescue me
there is no Lord to give me life
there is no Lord, there is no Lord to keep me safe

and the whole universe is vast empty cold
and we're alone in the darkness alone in the light
and there is no other place that we can go to
we are stuck here until the end and then we are gone

there is no saviour in heaven
there is no devil in hell
we're the demons ourselves torturing each other
and the angels are gone
there is no garden of Eden
and I tell you all, there is no Lord

we wont get out alive
that is one of the lies
just as the miracles and the revelations
and the lions wont eat grass
and there is no promised land
and I tell you all, there is no Lord

like the sins and virtues are gone
and the saints were kind of wrong
there is no captain on this abandoned ship
no damnation, no salvation
just the simple laws of physics
and I tell you all, there is no Lord

I've been walking around in circles
trying to understand
why nothing is the same anymore
ever since you left us
I've been begging and crying
and praying Lord for your return

oh Lord take my hand
oh Lord salvage me
oh Lord comfort me
oh Lord rescue me
oh Lord give me life
oh Lord, oh Lord keep me safe
Track Name: Bats Aren't Bugs
bats aren't bugs, that's a fact
but what the hell do I know about that
I should probably have asked my cat
he wouldn't eat it
Track Name: Look My Way
every night I look up at the sky
and every time I wish that you could see me
I can see your fires burn so bright
please look my way tonight

I have digged channels trough the desert
they cross my planet far and wide
I will finish it tonight
my creation is a global sign

and tonight I will set it all on fire
it will light through space tonight
sending you my sign of life
please look my way tonight
Track Name: New World
we are the lost boys and girls of our time
no there is nothing left to love
we all look up deep into the skies
and wonder why there is emptyness
and then we all agree that this isnt right
we have to do something now
maybe if we could destroy the world
something better could grow

our only option would be the fire
since everything hurts to much
we are the fire, they are the wood
they are the water, we are the wind

and then it all would be made anew
for all mankind to enjoy
we must burn it all and tear down the towers
and forget that our birth is a sin

but no one would understand our belifs
they would fear us of course
we must work fast and be discreet
if we ever want to succeed

and then the world shall burn again
like it did in the past
and everything shall be clean and fresh
and love will flourish again
Track Name: Walk Away
I knew the day would come the day I leave this town
they had built to many walls filled with secret doors
so in the morning mist I walked away
the sun met me with a smile as I passed the city gate

I met the devil somewhere down the road
he was playing happy songs on a violin made of bones
would you like to be my friend and follow me down that road
I can give you anything if you sing my song

late one afternoon we walked in to a town
surrounded by high walls we could hear the people scream and shout
and I would give anything to see the city walls
crumble and fall and let the people out

suddenly a gust of wind came down from the north
it was the devil he was tearing down the city walls
so now I sold my soul to the devil and his friends
and I can give you anything if you follow me down that road
Track Name: Down The Mountain
I came riding down the mountain
I'd gone hunting on my horse
when I heard a woman scream in pain
she came running through the woods
she was bleeding from her head
she was hunted by a pack of wolves

they were fearsome, they were cruel
she was the teacher of our school
the beasts looked ragged and dirty
as they howled up at the moon

I took out my Winchester
and aimed at the first wolf
and when I pulled the trigger it died
the leaderwolf came drooling
as he saw his fellows die
and I could see the hunger in his eyes

he was fearsome, he was cruel
and I knew I had to duel
the beast looked ragged and dirty
as he howled up at the moon

I was out of ammo
and I had to pull my knife
I knew we had to battle until death
I stabbed him in the back
as he bit me in the arm
I turned into a beast as we fought

I was fearsome, I was cruel
I saved the teacher of our school
now I look ragged and dirty
as I howl up at the moon
Track Name: Japanese Interlude
(Swedish translation)

bomber faller över den blå floden
färjkarlen drunknar utan flytväst
härarna kommer från alla håll
medan vi sjunger står världen i lågor
allt faller snart i glömska
det är dags att ge sej av

vi är expanderande kaos
vi vandrar runt spiralens axel
vi simmar i frekvenshavet
vi är expanderande kaos

när städerna faller samman
och de döda dansar på kyrkogårdarna
när alla har fått nog
blir vi himmelska flyktingar
som inte tror på någon gud
då är det dags att ge sej av

när haven rullar ihop sej
och stränderna täcks med blod
när ingen längre ser åt vårt håll
när vi stuckit allt i brand
och har slut på mat att grilla
är det dags att ge sej av

vi är expanderande kaos
vi vandrar runt spiralens axel
vi simmar i frekvenshavet
vi är expanderande kaos

en vind blåser från solen
den driver vårt skepp härifrån
vi ger oss av till en ny plats
en natt när alla människor sover
lämnar vi kvar alla kartor
det är dags att ge sej av

vi ristar en sten full med tecken
och lämnar den på månen
sen tar vi en sista bild av jorden
och gör ett vykort att skicka
till oss själva när vi kommer fram
nu är det dags att ge sig av
Track Name: Enough
I'm about to lose myself, I cant fool myself
and I cant stand the way I live today
you tell me I'm wrong and push me where I belong
and teach me the system of deceit
I'm not the way that I want to be

what am I doing, who do I follow
where does it take me, it's enough to brake me

don't tell me you are like me
and don't waste your time by my side
telling me how to live my life
other people they just lie
I have to get myself a decent life

what am I doing, who do I follow
where does it take me, it's enough to brake me
Track Name: Fugitives From Heaven
one night we went to the moon
we set sail and drifted away
the solar wind was strong
we felt confident and went along

suddenly we saw another ship
it looked so strange, it was not from earth
we could see on our scanning devices
that the pilots were not humans
we said hello to the strangers
with our radio we sent them greetings
but there was no answer, there were no sounds

we wondered if they heard us
maybe there was something wrong
perhaps they needed help
so we went over to the strangers ship

in the ship we found two angels
the pilots were fugitives from heaven
they had escaped from the Lord Almighty
he had some new plans that they didn't like
so we took them with us in our spacecraft
they sang pretty songs to us all the way home
we took them with us back to earth

and when God came we had armed all of our nuclear missiles
Track Name: My Own Dark Side Of The Moon
there are days you wish they would just pass you by
but today I will fly away to the moon
with you and me strolling down the dark side of the moon

then we would fly away to the Sun
and take him on a ride to the Moon that he loves
and together we'll create a new universe

and then Ifall and wake up in my bed
but the dream is real she's laying there next to me
and the roof is the moon and the sheets are our universe

but today we will go to the store and buy some milk
Track Name: Protector And Lord Of Ceres / Time To Leave
go down to the city and tell me if you see
a dirty drunk man who looks just like me
call me back and tell me what you have found
tell me the place where he's hiding underground

help him to get up and get steady on his feet
if you find him laying somewhere in the streets
straighten out his necktie and offer him a beer
tell him that it is time that we get out of here

and all that's left is all that's gone
and now its time to leave
and all that's gone is all that's left
and now its time to leave

take him home to your place and if he should stink
let him have a bath but please don't let him sink
be kind and gentle to him, this ragged broken man
and I'll be there with you as soon as I can

I must tell him that it's over and everything will end
no more transmissions for us to send
tell him to forget the plans and schemes we wrote in blood
there is no way that we can get even with a god

tell him that the black birds fly in you and me
there is no one else that he or we can be
there is no proper way to leave this wicked place
so lets torch it now and set it all ablaze