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In Your Mind

by Expanding Chaos

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The rats fill the tunnels Pipes and metalbars echo Steaming airvents stench of vomits Empty bottles lie broken to shreds Junkies hide in old sewers Trying to survive another night Broken needles, poisoned blood Another hooker raped and killed Mistcloud, blue light, smoking fire Vermin at the city dump Another corpse wrapped in wastebags Someone caught in shootout crossfire A whole life wasted at a subway station Crack pumped into shredded veins Hallucinations, paranoia and overdose An accident? Or pushed down to the rails
Alice Insane 01:29
Where the dark shadows fear to walk In the growing sunlight I stalk Together with Alice, she's my friend Oh; her misery will never end Alice, I walk with fear of you I don't know if you're insane too But in my dreams - hand in hand with you We walk through your own wonderland
Departure 03:22
An angel walked upon the earth To see what had been done An aeon seemed to have passed Since the dawn of time He was eager to see the things That the humans had achived All the things that they'd done To cherish love and life Amazed he saw some things That he could not belive And some things the prophets Never talked about The state of the human mind Had long since been changed And all that was left now Was a globe of dust The angel sat down to cry When he heard a voice It sounded so familiar When it gently said I might be strange to you But I am all that's left A child that's growing fast Into the eternal sea
From torment to oblivion - how sweet to forget How sad to not remember the summers warmth From winter nothing good comes but cold And everyone longs for summers warmth From death there is no escape No chance for a return to summers warmth Now it's dark in our world Now it's dark in our lifes Hösten är sommarens requiem Winter is here Autumn days of death and colors Winds mess around in dying trees Snow is not far away, everything will freeze Naked arms will brake under heavy weight of snow I remember the joys of this summer But now it's gone and all thats left is Freezing water Melting snow
The blinding sun of happiness Finally setting behind the mountains The twilight sky of crimson blood Slowly drained by putrid rooks The enlighting moon of comfort Brilliant white above the horizon The spawning earth of life and death So blue and green amidst the stars The spinning disc of expanding chaos Rich complex of intrigous gods The reaping singularity of nothing Consuming matter, energy and order The creative entity of the universe The cathedrals travelling corridor The reluctant heroine of hopeless tries The divine godess of broken lies
You start to wonder why I am so far away You realize your wish today Today you see how high this is How far you have to go I'm your friend in this - I'll watch over you I'll give you wings - just realize This is our heaven - this is our place Here we will stay - don't walk away We're pretty far up high - here pass the angels by This distance cannot be shown in miles So dance with us - we breed in chaos We are the one who sings
Come here my friends Gather round me and listen I am here to bless you And sing to the forlorn You're not so desolate For noone has to die All of you human beeings Know how it is The strength lies in your mind Just imagine the things you want Sing for me children, you are of me I know you will not let me down But now I must take farewell of you And leave this place somewhere behind
The rain always fall from a grey cloudy sky I've made a bouquet of cornflowers for you I like to walk alone in the rain with my tears I could not find the bluebells you asked me for As the river seek the ocean I want to reach my mind I want to help you but it is so very hard It's such a relif to cry and be sad when we're mourning I wish you knew I was here to take care of you Far from here I know there is a well full of water The flowers are symbols of my love for you There is one big fish constantly breaking the surface As the water is your subconscious inner emotions It must be made of metal or something that shines That is you as you should be if you were okey Oh, I wish I was a friend of that silverscaled fish But you are my friend and I won't let you drown
Shivers 02:21
Sometimes a radiant eye stares at me Accusing me for all kind of things And I know I'm not guilty But I can't explain how it really is Where is hope? Hope lay in dreams they say But I've just awakened I've lost track of reality now
Concept and consequence Seldom at the sane time Spreading seeds in mind Thats no reapers ground For a while I behaved Through the cyanid color Someone knew the same There is no single truth The things we do at home The praise to great, to loud For foolishness the only way Fateless with a faithless mind Control and carnivour Inhale the cardboard prey There must be somone That circle above the vultures
Escape 01:18
I can't stand this any more No more dreams or fantasies No escape to insanity And no more songs of death I know the world's an evil place But there is also good And reality can be just fine If we've got the right friends And I know some people That helps me to survive Sometimes we are happy And sometimes we are sad But I know they are for real Though I also know one day All of them will be gone And I'll be alone again Then I'll start to dream And escape this reality Cause in my other world She'll be there with me
Broken 03:54
Exclude me from this party This is not where I belong I'm not supposed to be here Wrap me in plastic and tape Throw me into the river And watch me float away It is good to feel the water Taking so good care of me Rocking me to oblivion Eradicating my antichaos You know why we're here Remembrance is our mission I like the prospect of beeing immortal, but how could we achive that when we're dead Could it be possible to live in a machine, or could we reach out to another world? And could you tell me please where are we going I really don't want to die here all alone I have comitted some sins But none of the deadly ones Well, just a few, or maybe all My freedom is more worth Than any of your parties And you know that is true So erase me like you wish Throw away all that I was Engage another contestant Wrap me in plastic and tape Throw me into the river And watch me float away
Nightfall the stars are always up there Downfall my mind is always in here As darkness embrace me The mind slips away To places somewhere In the corners of itself There it finds strange thoughts Noone knew was there And it plays with them To see if something will brake Nightfall the stars are always up there Downfall my mind is always in here And as I try to sleep Something bugs my mind It scratches all over me As I twist and turn in my bed It's almost as if someone Is waiting to watch me In pain I feel the presence But cannot make it go away Nightfall the stars are always up there Downfall my mind is always in here
Farewell 00:29
My friend is going but I'm standing still I met her in a store I said hi she said goodbye The summer is closing in and then she'll be gone I don't know why but I wish that I could Follow her, follow her, follow her home How I wish I could follow her home


released February 15, 1998

Written & produced by Markus Widegren & Anders Rudolfsson.

Engineered & mixed by Anders Rudolfsson at Mixtrofobi Inspelningsplatå in Östersund, Sweden, july-december 1997 & january 1998. Photos & design by Markus Widegren. Voice on track 13 by Anette Johnsson.

Copyright 1998.


all rights reserved



Expanding Chaos Sweden

Noise, music & words from an expanding chaos. Formed 1996 in Östersund, Sweden, but now geographically unbound.

Members: Anders Rudolfsson & Markus Widegren.

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